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News and Testimonials

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Kleen Green Gold!

News & Testimonials.

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Check us out in Green Acres Magazine,  Page 38


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Check out this product review by Mike Karpetz.  Mike lives in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  Mike has a huge following on YouTube doing product reviews on Video Games and Smoking Accessories.  Check out when he uses our cleaner to clean his water pipe. Check out his YouTube channel.
Mike's YouTube Channel

Recent Testimonials and Reviews


With the tremendous growth in Medical Marijuana production and consumption, there have recently appeared many pipe cleaners that help folks clean their glass, acrylic or ceramic pieces to various degrees of effectiveness. A clean piece gives the freshest taste to mother bud and thereby delivers the unique flavor of the strain the grower worked so hard to achieve and pass on.

Some clean using harsh chemicals that can leave a toxic film even after rinsing. Some utilize abrasives that can scratch delicate glass and plated surfaces. Some use combinations of both these methods and claim to be the best solution for removing built up tars and resins quickly. They may work, but at what cost to the long term health of the patient? Even minute traces of film dust inhaled after cleaning may not be the best for a persons health.

The folks over at Celebration Pipes have been around since 1973 and their 22 kt Gold Plated Lavastoneware pieces are in collections world wide. We talked to the artist, Steve Lach and found out about their new KLEEN GREEN GOLD super concentrated cleanser.

“ In the last couple of years we have had clients report scratching on the surfaces of the 22kt gold plating, both in the bowl and on the exterior. After examining and talking to the owners, (and re-golding the pieces) we have found that many of them used some of the various CHEMICAL or CAUSTIC based cleaners on the market. We had for 38 years recommended plain isopropyl alcohol and a fresh water rinse. This worked great. But then the question came up, could there be a better way with NO VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS ? “

They hired a specialist in organic chemistry and laid the rules out for content, natural purity, form and function. 37 recipes later, KLEEN GREEN GOLD is now ready to deliver absolutely amazing results on glass, ceramic and acrylic….along with the major bonus of being able to dilute with distilled water and clean ANY surface…stains from mold, mildew, fungus simply disappear and the result is not only squeaky clean pipes, but healthier grows as well !!!

KLEEN GREEN GOLD is available in a 4oz. / 16oz. / 32 oz / & Gallons.
The product is a super value as super-concentrated KLEEN GREEN GOLD can be diluted more than 6 times, depending on usage. For complete details about this amazing non-hazardous, biodegradable botanic formula go to :

KLEEN GREEN GOLD.com or call them @ 417-429-5604.

Your pieces will be squeaky clean and fresh as a bud!!!


Galena, MO


Parts of My ceiling had water damage from a storm and started to get black mold.  It was spreading fast.  I mixed a 5-1 ratio of Kleen Green Gold in a small spray bottle.  I sprayed the ceiling with the mixture directly on the mold and watched the mold come off immediately.  It worked very fast. 


Reno, NV

I recently had an army of ants coming into my kitchen from the window.  The bottle said it could kill mites .  All though I use a 3-1 ratio to get the grime off of my chrome rims, I used it to spray the ants coming into the house.  It stopped them.  No running back to the ant hill. no struggling.  They just took a nap for ever.


Hotbreath Magazine and Volo Trading

Iʼve been on a two week pipe cleaning routine for roughly five years now. Using a shake style cleaner across a dozen or so different glass pieces was quite the exhaustive procedure. Heading into the show in Vegas a few weeks back, I had my eyes peeled for an easier option for keeping the filth at bay. What finally grabbed my attention was Kleen Green Gold. I spoke with the creator and had a half-gallon mailed back for me.

Roughly a week later, my package arrived safe and sound. Bottled rather
inconspicuously when compared to its competitors, Kleen Green Gold stands out largely on what it doesnʼt have. This cleaning solution is not only non-toxic, but actually non- hazardous. In my limitless wisdom, I took a nice big whiff when I first opened the cap. Thankfully, the safety claims held true and I was greeted with nothing but the faintest of scents. Given the heavy alcohol or fragrances I was used to smelling, I was a little skeptical out the gate.

As was recommended, I cut the concentrate with 6 parts water and put this mix in a
large Mason jar. Next up, I packed that jar with all the glass it could handle: two spoons, two tasters, and a couple of slides. All of these were at the two week point and held plenty of grime for KGG to sink its teeth into. With my kitchen counter science experiment prepped and running, I went about my day and checked back on my results every thirty minutes or so. It was actually entertaining watching the concoction slowly transmute from itʼs subtle honey coloring to a coffee like sludge as it stripped and loosened everything. The moment of truth finally arrived and I pulled my favorite spoon out of the murky liquid about an hour and a half after it first took a dive. Upon first inspection, I noticed a large glob of leftover residue at the head of the spoon. Slightly disappointed, I decided to rinse it off and give it another round. When the hot tap water hit the inside of the pipe, that last nasty glob came free, leaving my spoon as clean as the first day I first took it home!

Of course, the best part of a sparkling, clean pipe is getting it good and dirty again! After wiping off the excess water, I filled the spoon with my favorite blend and went to town. Lo and behold! No leftover flavor! That sealed the deal for me. Nearly every other option Iʼve used over the years required an “air out” time if you didnʼt want to know exactly what your cleaner tasted like.

Having passed with flying colors on the glass portion of this gauntlet, I decided to see just how well Kleen Green Gold held up its compatibility claims with metals and
ceramics. Next up to the plate was a titanium nail that had seen less sticky days, and a ceramic tray, stained black by the butts of many cigarettes. I whipped up a new batch, refilled the Mason jar, and threw my test subjects in. After a half hour, I went ahead and pulled both items back out and gave them the same hot water rinse... success! Disregarding the expected oxidation from repeated use, the titanium nail looked and felt good as new, and the tray had shed itʼs black shroud and displayed its original bold blue color again!

Overall, I consider my little experiment to be quite the success. Kleen Green Gold is just as mild as promised and over delivered on cleaning power. Since getting my hands on a batch, Iʼve been using it to clean everything from my smoking accessories to my kitchen sink. That being said, I cannot give high enough recommendation for this cleaner!

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